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     Zhongxiang City emerging nationally known food and beverage plant in longevity - Zhongxiang City. Zhongxiang City in central Hubei Province, Hanjiang River, the northern end Jianghan, or the name of national history and culture, one of the world's cultural heritage. Zhongxiang is an ancient land. Spring and Autumn, said rural Ying, Chu, Department of Capital, later worked Chu Guoguo all. AD 1531, Ming Emperor Zhu Jia Jing Hou Cong in their own birth, fortune here, it Ciming "Zhongxiang" or is the lessee Tianfu Zhongxiang, and Shuntian (Beijing), should be Tianfu (Nanjing) and three for the Ming Dynasty Territory government. Zhongxiang City food and beverage factory covers an area of emerging 5 thousand square meters, is Zhongxiang City with over 20 years of production history of the old plant.
Zhongxiang City food and beverage plants emerging from inception to customer first, integrity-based principle, many provinces and cities in Hubei and the country won the praise of many customers, forming a good reputation. I plant all computer controlled production equipment, from the feed, forming to finished product packaging end, not in direct contact with the human body, the whole process of automated production. Workshop by a UV germicidal disinfectant, air humidity and other equipment to control the dynamic production environment in order to ensure the quality of health security. Each product is verified by the sound quality, qualified only after the factory. "Snow Blue Lee" brand of food, beverages after years of marketing, favored by consumers. To meet the market demand, companies are marketing through a comprehensive network of continuously sold to domestic provinces and cities market.
New food and beverage plants Zhongxiang City staff sincerely look forward to guiding our clients visit our factory to work or co ... ...


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